It´s a must visit!

Do not forget to start your route in The Kiosko!

In the very heart of the old town of Pamplona, from El Kiosko you are just a step away from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (from where our festivities begin with the “Chupinazo”), the Cathedral and its promenade (with a beautiful cloister and spectacular views) The route of the encierro by the street Estafeta (to which it gives our rear facade), or the Bullring.

In addition to the San Fermines and its traditions, festivity, fun and good local habits, Pamplona has many other attractions. Do not miss our parks, the city walls, the pleasure of strolling through the “lo viejo” (old town), walk where the young men run in the encierro, or visit churches as precious as the Cathedral or the Church of San Cernin.

The Camino de Santiago (Way to Santiago) is another essential reason to visit Pamplona, as goes through the city, and is one of the reasons why in our streets we hear dozens of different languages every day.

From Pamplona you can easily visit any point of Navarra within the day, and be amazed by the wonderful landscapes of the region, the contrasts between the north and the south, the art, the friendliness of its people and, of course, the diverse and delicious gastronomy . But, for this, do not forget to start your route in El Kiosko!