After so many years dedicated to the hostelry business, in a city with such famous celebrations as the Sanfermines, and with such a long-life espablishment at the Old Town , we have a thousand stories to tell. And here we have a few, told by the founders, in case you want to entertain yourself for a while:

“The first thing we did in the establishment, before reforming, was to getour son to sell ice cream. And now he´s the one who is in charge of the business”

“Within a few months of opening, we had an offer to sell the bar for twice what we had paid. We were badly endowed at that time after buying and reforming, so the offer was tempting. But we reject it. We had come to work”

“When the first Sanfermines arrived, we were trembling. The bar had been completely refurbished and the decor, made of glass and mirrors, left everyone amazed, but we feared what could happen during the festivals”

“There was a year in which Osasuna managed to stay and not descend to second B division. There was a big celebration going onand we began to run out of drinks and we had to innovate the combos on the go. Luckily, it has not happened to us again (nor to run out of drink, nor that Osasuna has to celebrate remaining in Second division)”

“The Bar, the square, the people who frequented it, our customers … everything has changed a lot. In front of the porch threre were trucks, the “villavesas” (public buses), and the cars parked even in triple row!”

“The years of the renovation works of the square were hard, because this was impassable. But now it has become much quieter for the pedestrian and the terraces. They call them “the living room” of Navarrese and tourists.