Get ready for our cocktails!

Our cocktails are going to like you!

Whether you come during the weekend to enjoy the nightlife party at the bar, or if you want a good drink on our terrace or after your meal or dinner. ask us for the cocktail you want, we are GinTonics specialistsand do not forget to try our mojitos!

Classic Mojito

Rum, lime, sugar, spearmint and soda


Rum, lime, sugar, spearmint, watermelon and soda

Strawberry Mojito

Rum, lime, sugar, peppermint, strawberry and soda

Mango Mojito

Rum, lime, sugar, spearmint, mango and soda


Rum, lime, sugar, spearmint, tangerine and soda

Vermouth Mojito

Vermouth, lime, sugar, spearmint and soda

Piña Colada

Rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, sugar, spearmint and soda

Non-alcohol Mojito

Lima, sugar, spearmint, tangerine and soda

Chocolate Mojito

For innovation lovers

Pacharán Mojito

A new and different way to merge the best of Cuba and the most Navarrese distillate

Coffee Mojito

Our most transgressive specialty


Our most innovative mojito. It will not leave you indifferent