To start, share … and enjoy


traditional style with ecological egg

Fried Squid

Spicy potatoes


(6 units)

Crispy chicken wings

with three sauces

Iberian Serrano ham

with toasted bread natural tomato sauce


with peppers


from Tafalla

Scrambled eggs

with mushrooms and asparagus

Grilled octopus legs

with paprika sauce and potatoes

Varoius anchovies from Santoña

with garlic with toast of olive pate

Nachos with chicken shavings and bacon

in spicy tomato sauce and cheddar cheese


with three sauces (mojo)

Pixed platters

A little bit of everything, perfect for those undecisives!

Loin with potato chips

2 croquettes, piquillo peppers and salad

Steak with french fries

piquillo peppers, 2 croquettes and salad

Cuttlefish with peppers

2 deep fried mussels, rabas and ali-oli

Navarra steak entrecote

with french fries, piquillo peppers and salad

Navarrese veal hamburger

2 fried, fried egg, salad and potatoes


Healthy and very tasty!

Mixed salad

Salmon salad

Chicken salad

with thousand islands sauce

Crispy salad

(txopitos, prawns, crunchy ham) with raspberry vinagrette

Tropical salad

(pineapple, avocado, shrimp, chatcka and varied lettuce, pink sauce)


Will you choose the traditional one or do you prefer something different?

Ham and cheese with chips

Ham, cheese, fried egg and chips

Vegetable with chips


Much to choose between bread and bread!


Bacon, cheese and green peppers

Loin with eggplant

and ali-oli sauce

Iberian spanish ham

with bred and fresh tomato

Chicken breast

with cream cheese, tomato, lettuce and ham

Ham omelette

Txistorra omelette

Cheese omelette

Ham with green peppers

Fried Squid with mayonnaise


The perfect base for the best ingredients

Spanish Iberian Ham

Grilled mushroom steak

and asparagus gratin with four cheeses


gratin with mozzarella

Gourmet Hamburgers

There are plenty of burgers. But like these … none!

Traditional hamburger

of beef from Navarra

Pork burger

with cheddar, arugula and caramelized onion

Seitan vegan hamburger

(spinach, peppers, mushrooms and candied onions)

Children's menu

At El Kiosko everyone enjoys!

Spaghetti with tomato, chicken breast, 2 croquettes and fries
Kid´s Ice cream

Pintxos tasting menu

There are so many and so delicious!

Better choose a tasting
Sample a varied selection of 6 pintxos choosen for you

Desserts tasting menu

We love sweet!

Varied selection of 6 miniatures of desserts